Self-custodial bulk inscriptions. The most powerful and cost-effective way to inscribe Ordinals on Bitcoin. Join our Discord. Make sure to read the guide.

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Taproot addresses are recommended. Use non-taproot addresses on your own risk.

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Most popular & standard inscriptions

tip: use the .sats domain feature in the Special section above to host your content


1. To send tokens to someone, you need to have enough transferable balance registered first. Only then you may perform the actual transfer with another inscription. To add tokens to your transferable balance, use an address of yours that previously minted enough tokens in "Receiving address" above.

2. You can check your transferable balance using this link.

3. If your transferable balance is sufficient, you can skip step 1. and use the actual token recipient address in "Receiving address" above.

To register your balance, the "Receiving address" above must be an address of yours that originally minted the token. If you are mixing this up or use the wrong address, risk is that the transfer will be invalid or being sent to the wrong recipient. This tool is not responsible for any of your decisions.


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